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Although the second semester had its ups and downs, it was also a positive learning curve full of wonderful memories. Just like the first semester, the second semester has also flown by, maybe even faster. The first half of the second semester was quite easy, but the second half was very busy and sometimes stressful, because we worked on a large area with urban planning and the submitted projects were adjusted one after another. As an architect, it’s exciting to think about the urban environment from a pedestrian’s perspective.

One of the biggest lessons I learned this semester is that working in the public realm is not just about the physical environment, but about place, identity, community, and governance. When all these elements combine and balance each other in a public space, it becomes a place where people hang out. I learned a lot of concepts while working on the housing alternatives mod. I explored how to design housing while introducing a commercial ecosystem and maintaining the concept of proximity to living space. A well -designed, high -quality public space can be far from providing a positive user experience that promotes repeat visits.

We also did some Site visits that were very interesting. When we need to learn the development of UKS design infrastructure and how to design it accordingly. In the second semester, the second semester is more topical in the development of our professional and personal skills and working in groups and personal tasks.


Before starting the blog, as I mentioned in my previous comment, I had never attempted to publish written content in a public forum related to my area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. This is a new experience for me. Over the course of the semester, my initial fears dissipated as I developed skills that helped me improve my final review presentations and understand new concepts when discussing them with my classmates.


Overall, blogging was a very interesting and practical way of gaining knowledge. As authors, we will inadvertently read a lot of information that is closely related to design. It enhances our knowledge in subtle ways, making us aware of aspects that we have never considered or even thought about from another perspective. Reading other people’s blogs and commenting on their data can help us build different perspectives. As readers, we will read other people’s blogs with a grateful heart. We can learn a lot of new knowledge and new content in a short time and in an efficient way. It’s a smart way to learn to read other blogs all the time.

Sometimes this is time consuming, but it can also be rewarding as it can influence and inspire others. Overall, this blogging course improved my critical thinking and writing skills. It also gave me more confidence to speak up and engage in dialogue with others.

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