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Reflective Summary

ARC 8069 Housing Alternatives

After completing the module on ARC8069, Housing Alternatives, I have acquired knowledge on how to design a community that caters to diverse user groups while being responsive to the topography and historical context of its surroundings. Additionally, I have gained insights into various housing models such as affordable housing and co-housing. During the field trip to Marmalade Lane, a co-housing project in Cambridge, I was impressed by its design and concept. The community offers various housing types with customizable elevation designs for each house. Residents have the option to reserve a kitchen within their own home or use communal spaces as shared kitchens. In addition, this well-designed communal space provides ample opportunities for socializing and leisure activities, thereby enhancing interactions among residents and fostering a sense of community. Moreover, the shared street in this residential area is an exceptional design feature that offers flexible open spaces for people to gather, relax and play. Additionally, it also provides passive surveillance for children while they are playing on the street. Through the studies, I have gained a preliminary understanding of the essential components required to establish a comprehensive community. As this semester draws to a close, I now possess an enhanced appreciation for the significance of developing a clear vision and strategic plan when initiating any design project. These elements serve as the bedrock upon which successful projects are built and must be clearly articulated.

ARC 8014 Design Codes

After the study, I have gained a preliminary understanding of what a design code is, its significance, and how to design projects that adhere to it. I was assigned to designing a site with significant height differences like the one selected in module ARC8069. As a result, I acquired more skills in designing while considering topography rather than disregarding or avoiding it, which has provided me with a more comprehensive understanding of the site and enhanced my comprehension of building scale and massing. Moreover, I have not used the laser cutting machine for a long time. This module has provided me with a valuable experience in making physical models. And I also learned more about how to create flexible open space and enhance their connections to the interior space.

ARC 8117 and Blog

I chose child-friendly and gender-inclusive urban planning and design as the focal point of my design thesis. Through extensive research on these topics, I gained valuable insights that have informed my approach to other design projects. The interplay among these modules has generated a wealth of ideas and principles that continue to guide my work. And my reading speed and proofreading skills have improved during this semester, which has heightened my interest in researching urban design. I now possess a better understanding of what urban design entails and how it can be utilized to enhance the quality of both built and natural environments. Additionally, the constructive feedback provided by my tutors has inspired me to engage in critical thinking and consider alternative approaches for improving my designs. In this semester, I used the blog as a tool to summarize my readings and enhance the thinking of my writing design proposals.

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