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Reflexive Summary

Initially, when I applied for this course, I read each module and discovered that this subject was quite intriguing because I had never written a blog and I had no understanding about blog writing, which is why I was very enthusiastic. I constantly notice a few things in my routine that irritate me or are unusual. Every lecture for the whole semester was unique and really educational. I would want to express my gratitude to all of the professors who have given lectures on various topics; without these lectures, I would find it challenging to write blogs. My favourite themes to write about are “Health and well-being” and “Public transit,” and I have blogs devoted to each of these subjects.

I recalled that when I wrote an icebreaker, I examined who I am and wrote about the things I enjoy and dislike depending on my personality. I enjoy trying new things every time. I relocated to Newcastle in September, and after discovering some intriguing things and drawing on my experiences, I composed an icebreaker. Overall, I had a unique experience with the icebreaker. My friends and relatives were startled when I told them about my blogs.

I was born and raised in Ahmedabad. I have a thorough knowledge of the city, having earned my bachelor’s degree there as well. I’ve always wanted to write about my hometown, and this semester I had the chance to do it based on the lecture. Regarding everything I tried to discuss in the blog, I discovered a tonne of interesting information about the city. When my blog was published, I was anxious and afraid of what others would say, but the outcome was different; they valued my work and gave me more ideas, which made me really happy at the time.

My internship for my bachelor’s degree was in Mumbai. Being one of the busiest cities in the world, I’ve always been curious by the city. Being an architect, it is my responsibility to notice both the city’s positive and bad aspects. I chose to write a blog post about transportation because I was reminded of the fascinating lecture I attended. It was one of my favourite topics since I enjoy debating things like politics and transit-related concerns.

Apart from these topics, I noticed many things based on facts as a result my perspective become wider and deep. Depending on how I evaluate the topic, words may either become a strength or a weakness. I discover the value of words in this module.

I loved all of the course material, and keeping a blog was a new experience for me. I’ve learned a lot in this session that will be useful for my future studies. Professor Dilan provided us with insightful input on the canvas, which would undoubtedly improve my blog writing. I want to keep writing blogs once this course is over, and I might create a page where visitors can access a variety of blog topics.

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