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Reflexive Summary

I had never attempted to publish written content in an online forum connected to my subject of study before, so starting a blog was a new experience for me. When it comes to using blogs for educational purposes, I believe that this semester has been really beneficial to me. Writing allowed me to clarify my thoughts and reach conclusions, while reading other people’s writings broadened my viewpoint and offered me with new ideas.

I spent a lot of time investigating the site in the early stages of my blogging career. As soon as I finished the registration process, I began to learn how to use this weird site with the help of both my professors and my fellow students. I encountered a variety of challenges while using the site, like where to post articles, how to add images, how to style, and how to select article categories, among others. I gradually came to know my classmates while receiving support from them, and afterwards, we would chat about the obstacles we had experienced together and share our experiences. This was an extremely useful resource for me.

After making up my decision about the topic of the blog post that I planned to write, I went back and looked over the relevant articles again. My instructor gave me with a reading list, which was really beneficial in this area because it allowed me to quickly discover relevant and helpful references. To be honest, as someone who does not speak English as their first language, I am a sluggish reader of references. However, I’ve observed that reading on a daily basis has boosted my reading speed. In a blog article that is normally between 600 and 800 words long, I begin by offering a condensed background of the chosen subject, and then I proceed to undertake a specific examination of the issue using multiple case studies. Case studies are a fantastic way to improve one’s understanding of a topic or concept. Simultaneously, the practice of writing small articles has helped me improve my English writing skills.

My blogging time has proven to be a really important instructional resource for me. We undertook in-depth research on a specific component of urban planning this semester, and while we were doing so, students posted comments agreeing with, disagreeing with, or deriving from the notions provided by their classmates. All of this has renewed my desire to learn more about the concepts of urban design. In the future, I hope to continue using blogs as a medium for organizing and communicating my thoughts and perspectives with others.

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