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Reflexive summary

Learning something is an amazing outcome of many experiments. Writing a blog is one of the many. But This year it is no new to me, as we have already been introduced to urban design blogging assignments. So instead of being confused about my topic and language, I embrace my knowledge to write my ideas. This semester, I mainly focus on urban designing, with an emphasis on particular subjects like housing alternatives and design codes. Additionally, in March, we have got an opportunity to do a study tour of marmalade lane, Cambridge.

Housing Alternatives and Design Codes:

This year we have a very interesting site to design for both subjects. The first site is in Gateshead and the other site is in Ouse burn valley. Each site has a lot of scopes to bring up some good housing solutions incorporating codes and regulations. In housing alternatives, I have explored different sustainable and affordable housing models. Exploring such concepts broaden my spectrum for all the possible designs.


Fig- 1 Site visit at Ouseburn valley

Another crucial element of this semester is delving into design codes and practices. I have got a clear understanding of how studies of rules and regulations play a significant role in successful urban design projects. This knowledge will undoubtedly help me in my future urban projects.

Fig- 2 Site visit at Gateshead

Along with my coursework, I started writing a blog that is related to my thesis studies. Through my regular blog writing and reading, I refined my research work. Writing a blog not only contributes to developing my knowledge in this field but also helps me to collect literature data, which I can use for my thesis work.

Fig-  Physical model for Ouseurn Valley Project

Undoubtedly, the most elevating experience of this semester was the study tour for housing alternatives, for which we went to marmalade lane, Cambridge. Visiting this renowned co-housing development gives us a vision for our future project. We also went to meet the residents of this project. Talking to them and knowing their experience, uplift their communication skills. It gives us the confidence to speak up and tackle real-time issues.


Throughout the semester, I hustle at various stages. balancing between thesis work, coursework submission, and writing the blog, thought me how to manage time and get organized to tackle the deadline. In terms of personal growth, this semester has been reframing, the vision for my housing module and design code has given me a different exposure to broaden my vision and help to create a deeper appreciation toward urban design.

In conclusion, this semester has given me a life-changing experience and knowledge. From studying codes and housing alternatives to writing a blog and learning from a study tour. It not only helped me in my educational growth but also embrace my aspiration in designing field. Lastly, I want to thank all the professors and visiting faculties for their valuable input in my designs and for guiding me to achieve the best.

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