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Reflexive Summary

Reflecting on My Second Semester Blogging Experience

As I sit down to reflect on my journey through the second semester, I am amazed at how much I have grown through blogging. At the start of the semester, I felt both excited and anxious. However, this experience turned out to be much more impactful than I had expected, greatly enhancing my learning and personal development.

Initial Concerns and Challenges

At the beginning, my main worry was my English proficiency. As a non-native speaker, I feared my language skills might not be enough to clearly express my ideas. But as the semester went on, my worries faded. Writing blogs and receiving feedback made me more confident. Constructive comments from classmates and tutors were crucial. Over time, I found myself better able to articulate my thoughts in discussions with my tutors.

Progress and Learning

As the semester progressed, my initial fears disappeared. Writing blog posts became a valuable exercise in reflection and critical thinking. This process greatly improved my understanding and memory of design concepts. One of the most valuable aspects was reading and commenting on my classmates’ blogs. This interaction exposed me to various perspectives, enriching my learning experience.

I learned about affordable housing design principles, which involve not just building infrastructure but also community planning and integrating social services. I studied successful cases, like Singapore’s public housing projects and the social housing plans of Nordic countries. These examples showed how good design and management can greatly improve residents’ quality of life. In the course on place transformation, I explored how to use space, materials, and design elements to create vibrant and economically prosperous environments. Planning and integrating public spaces, connectivity, and multifunctional buildings enhance an area’s vitality. Unlike the first semester’s design, this time we needed more detailed planning, considering materials, walkways, and elevation differences to design a specific area comprehensively.

Aspirations and Future Goals

This blogging journey highlighted the value of reflective practice in learning. It taught me to see challenges as opportunities for growth and to approach problems with a critical and open mindset. Looking ahead, I plan to continue using blogging as a tool for reflection and learning. This practice has proven invaluable for my academic and personal development, and I am committed to maintaining it beyond this course. I also hope to encourage others to embrace reflective blogging as a way to enhance their learning experience.


In summary, participating in blogging has been a transformative experience. It helped me overcome initial challenges, improve my language skills, and deepen my understanding of urban design. More importantly, it cultivated my habit of reflection. I am grateful for the progress I have made and look forward to continuing this journey of growth and learning.


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