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Reflexive summary-Blog for my experience growth.

First class experience:

First of all, when I first heard about blogging, I was full of doubts. My first thought was that the course of blogging might just be reading articles on the Internet, reading references and commenting on some articles, no different from social software. However, when I started this course, I discovered that blogging is also a way to share feelings and opinions by Posting my own articles on the Internet. But now that the first semester is over, I still remember the difficult and painful expression of my first blog. Hatton Gallery at sunset near the end of the first semester (Photography from Xiao Liu 2023)

Growing up Experience:

Writing a blog is a new experience for me, a new beginning, and full of novelty for this course. At the beginning of the first blogging class, I remember that we were divided into several groups, and each group would have a topic about blogging to study. Through discussion, we also had different ideas and expressed our different opinions. Finally, the group leader will summarize everyone’s views to report.


Each new course will have new difficulties. When we finished the selection of two blog topics, I started with a blank look on my face. I was not sure where to start writing, and I would randomly think about the article corresponding to the topic. When I know that the weekly lecture course is corresponding to your blog title, I will find that it seems to become easier, and I can always learn more useful knowledge from the lecture material, gain new ideas and new perspectives.


When I chose my first blog, the topic of sustainable transportation Analysis, I was very excited by the tutor’s explanation in the morning lecture class. Because I personally like to learn about the news about cars, I heard the tutor’s explanation that sustainable transportation can be divided into many small points, such as: Bicycle, walking, running, tram, bus, shared car, gasoline car, subway, tram, etc., and fully explained the advantages and disadvantages of each transportation, so that I can choose the right transportation mode to reduce the impact and create a healthy environment. What I remember most is the mention of the changes in the future and the present transportation development. The transportation system of the future should not only be green and low-carbon, but also safe, modern and conducive to improving the health of residents. For example, optimizing infrastructure related to public transportation systems, such as widening dedicated sidewalks or bike lanes, can not only alleviate vehicle congestion and reduce air pollution, but also encourage residents to participate in physical activities such as walking and cycling. This not only reduces the use of cars, but also improves the efficiency of those who use cars. Reduce pollution to improve air quality. Through the explanation of lectures and myself to find articles on sustainable transportation analysis for research and analysis, I will also have certain ideas and ideas, and finally get certain answers.


Overall,the process of practicing blog has improved my reading ability and writing ability, and also let me have more ideas to compare and start with. In addition, commenting on other people’s blog content is also a process of mutual learning, which can quickly find their own shortcomings and correct them. It also improved my critical thinking skills. I will continue to maintain this learning attitude to blog in the second semester to further improve my research ability.

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