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Reflexive Summary – Further Study in Semester 2


During my first semester of study, I got my first in-depth exposure to a blogging course, which was both a challenge and a new area full of learning opportunities for me. In the past semester, I encountered some difficulties in making a blog, but I also gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which laid the foundation for my future study and development.

Learning Progress and Challenges

As time went by, I gradually adapted to the learning rhythm and requirements of this course. Initially, I had many problems with the structure of the blogs, readability, image citation, and references. But in the later process of further study, I improved the overall quality of the blogs and enhanced my abilities and critical thinking.

During my first semester of study, I encountered a major challenge when citing literature. Due to inexperience and unfamiliarity with citation rules, I have a high rate of duplication in my blogs. This is mainly because I mistakenly directly copied a large amount of the original text without proper citation and rewriting, which not only affected the originality of the blog, but also called into question the quality of my work. In order to solve this problem, I began to learn more about how to cite literature correctly and conduct a literature review. This experience, although frustrating for me for a time, ultimately became a valuable lesson in my academic journey. This experience, while temporarily despairing, ultimately served as a valuable lesson in my academic journey. It not only improved my academic writing skills, but also gave me a deeper understanding and respect for academic integrity.

Specifically, I mentioned the issue of blogs readability in my reflection summary of the first semester, and this issue has been significantly improved in subsequent studies. I started paying more attention to the flow of my sentences and the logic of my paragraphs, making sure that my blogs were both easy to read and informative. Additionally, I learned how to properly cite images and references, which not only makes my blogs look more professional but also avoids copyright issues.

My concerns and challenges centered around the difficulty of choosing topics to explore in depth. Over time, through continuous practice and learning, I have become more confident in handling complex topics and finding abundant information to support my opinions. This process not only exercised my research ability, but also improved my writing skills.


In the future learning process, I hope to further improve myself. For example, I hope to learn more about how to integrate blog content and urban design more closely in my future studies, and how to enhance the expressiveness and interactivity of the blogs. At the same time, I also look forward to improving my abilities in data analysis and visual presentation through more practice.


In short, looking back on my first semester learning experience, I am satisfied with my progress and look forward to my future studies. I believe that as my understanding of this field continues to deepen, I will be better able to apply these valuable experiences and skills in my future studies and career paths.

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