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Reflexive Summary–My experience of participating in the Blog in semester 1

My Continuous Growth

This was my first experience in the field of blogging, and it was a new experience for me. At first, I thought of blog as a platform to share my daily study life, but after I started this course, I found more things that made me feel new. It is a platform for research and learning, where we can publish our own papers or thoughts on an event, object, or topic. Everyone can see this. Everyone can comment on your blog and share their thoughts with you. It is a collision of ideas. I really like to share different views on the project with people, which can benefit both sides a lot. Similarly, I can also browse other people’s blogs and read the papers of people from other countries, and feel the values, world views and design ideas of people in different cultures. This greatly increased my experience, let me learn a lot of new knowledge and ideas. Of course, I can also comment on other people’s blogs and communicate and discuss with others. This is the mode of discussion and learning, which I like very much.

Blog Design & Group Contribution

At the beginning of the course we were divided into groups, each group had a different task, and we had to work together to complete it. The task of our group is the web design of blog, which I think is very difficult. Maybe it is also because everyone is doing web design related work for the first time, we are not very familiar with the task flow. After consulting the teacher, we decided to complete the page design once by each person, and then make a summary to piece together the most perfect result as our final result. This was a successful group cooperation, and I learned a lot from getting along with my team members. These blog tasks are also of great help to my personal project work in this semester, which is reflected in the collection of materials and design resources, the expansion of design ideas and the expression of project copy. This made me more confident in my project design, and I really enjoyed this course.

Challenging and Aspiration

Of course, I still encountered many difficulties and challenges in the process of completing all the work in this semester. Probably for me in the early days, the blog format and the collection of references was the most troublesome. I spent a lot of time and energy gathering resources and reviewing literature to summarize my feelings and arguments. During this process, I also asked for leave from many classmates, and my friendly classmates were willing to answer my questions. Maybe this is something that can be comforted during the difficult creative process. Besides, it is not so easy to write comments on other students’ papers. I need to read their articles in their entirety first, summarize their central arguments and the essence of their articles, and then evaluate and express my own opinions on these arguments. In this process, I also need to pay attention to the courtesy of the text, and at the same time, I also need to collect relevant materials when I express my own views, which is a relatively large workload.


All in all, this course has improved my writing ability and critical thinking, and made me more courageous to express my own ideas and discuss them with others. It was a good exercise for my abilities and I benefited a lot from it. I will try my best to keep this way of learning and strive to better complete my learning tasks in the next semester.

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