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Reflexive Summary–My experience of participating in the Blog in semester 2

My Continuous Growth

Time flies, the second semester is over, and this is my second time writing a blog. Compared to the first time I wrote a blog, I have become much more proficient, and I have made a lot of progress in literature search and writing in blog format. I also know that the blog is a supplement to our semester project. We can learn and improve our understanding of the project by blogging and reading other people’s blogs. The most obvious is that we can consult the literature and materials we have collected at any time to continuously deepen our project themes and ideas. This can improve the foundation and readability of our project. In this process, I also learned more new knowledge, and greatly expanded our horizons after reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. This is like a collision of thoughts or brainstorming, so that we are constantly thinking and constantly making progress. This is a learning style worth persisting and promoting.

Blog Design & Group Contribution

This blog study is mainly personal study, as this course is mainly used to support our semester project. But there is also interaction with others, and we still need to learn and comment on others’ blogs, discuss related topics with others, express our own opinions, and progress together in the process. My research in this blog focuses on community inclusion, sustainability and affordable housing. This is closely related to my semester project, and the content of this blog is also brought into my project process. Through this blog, I learned to improve and deepen the project vision, principles and strategies, which made me more confident in the following work and study.

Challenging and Aspiration

Compared with the first semester, the learning of this blog is much easier, but there are still many difficulties and challenges for me. In the process of collecting materials, I used to use the school library website, but the relevant content was not enough after searching through keywords. This requires me to read the literature deeply, understand the general content of the literature, and extract it. It will take me a lot of time, but it is important and meaningful. In the process of reading and summarizing, I can improve my ability to read and understand the text, which is also a kind of language learning. My course project this semester is an urban design project related to sustainable housing. Through the planning and development of urban areas through community, I will create waterfront communities that are more suitable for elderly people. I also collected a lot of information about this and looked at a lot of completed projects. In my opinion, this can be a low-functional community, which does not need high-density building groups, and focuses on ecological protection of the site, convenience of public space, creation of open space and beautification of building facades. This creates a more comfortable urban texture and creates a slower pace of urban life. This blog study allowed me to refine this idea and specify more strategies to accomplish it.


All in all, this course once again exercised my ability to read and summarize articles, improved my critical thinking, and gave me more opportunities to communicate with others and express my ideas. It was a satisfying class and a great help to my semester project. I will try my best to maintain this learning mode and continue to improve my course learning.

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