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Urban design is a creative practise that simply cannot be learned through books and lessons; rather, it must be learned by feeling and experiencing spaces while moving through the city, as well as by engaging in cutting-edge activities like blogging that will allow a designer to share his knowledge and creative ideas with the public. Over the course of my five-year career in architecture, I haven’t had a chance to write an architectural blog. Therefore, I found the module “Principles and Practice of Urban Design” associated with creating blogs to be of great interest. Taking part in the lectures from the module encouraged me to think beyond, experience, and recreate urban spaces. I feel grateful to have the opportunity of writing blogs that summarizes the discussions, debates, and critiques that happened during the lecture. By blogging, I am encouraged to think extensively and do more research on the topics discussed in the lectures.

To begin with, I adored the first Icebreaker blog, where I chronicled my career journey towards urban design and discovered more about my multicultural friends through their icebreaker blogs. Throughout the semester, each student was given a schedule to post their blogs. In my opinion, it helped me to manage my time and prevented me from losing the track of the lectures. In the meetings for the blogs, I was taught how to write a blog by referencing the content that I have created, and the personal feedback I received helped me to improve further my writing skills. It is really to be appreciated that Ms. Dilan took great efforts in reading every student’s blog and gave them personalized feedback. In the beginning, I was quite intimidated to publish my writings in public. But as I consistently blog, I’m gaining confidence and developing my skills in architectural writing. It helps me to refine and structure my writing skills.  As a student with an architecture background pursuing urban design, networking is critically important. Thus I believe that by the end of the course, all the blogs that I have posted will help me to strengthen up my profile, build and rapport with my network. I will continue the habit of posting the blogs that the module has taught me throughout my career.

The blog editing website was the only thing I found to be a drawback. I was unable to add images to my blog page, which made it difficult for me to publish my articles on schedule. This must have occurred to all of my classmates, I suppose. However, overall blogging was an intriguing task that I performed during the semester. It motivated me to stay current, helped me learn new skills, and provided a wealth of information from other bloggers with backgrounds in architecture.

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