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The outcomes of my participation in this blog class were inconsistent. I had no idea what to anticipate because this was my first time posting a blog. Overall, blogging has forced me to think quite differently and taught me the terms, visuals, and text structures necessary to create an understandable, useful piece.

As a student, I had the highest regard for teachers who could teach me not by telling me the solution, but by demonstrating that I already knew it or could find it on my own. It was undoubtedly easy and tempting to accept a straightforward explanation to a question and move on with my day. But I eventually discovered that true learning comes from the interaction of the curious mind and the intelligent teacher, who was cautious not to supply the answer but the way to it. With the completion of the first term, I was able to profit from a range of new topics from the class as well as refresh my memory on things I previously knew.

In my first blog writing class, I learned a lot of things that were valuable to me as a student. It was great to practice my writing and listening skills as I found myself in conversations with other people openly. In this class, active feedback is preferred over passive feedback and this has been proven to be the best way of learning for any course. It is also important for instructors to make it clear the requirements of their assignments like required content, due dates, hours required per week, word limits, etc.

These assignments were beneficial to me personally because they gave me an opportunity to practice my writing in a safe environment where feedback and insight were readily available. Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to let go of my fear of expressing my thoughts in writing and see how much I could accomplish. The amount of time given each week for this assignment was good practice for time management and helped me learn how to handle all the unexpected tasks that life puts before me.

I enjoyed the description of different components that should be included in blogs and would like more instructions on how to make an engaging blog title. One example would be how to shorten a word for the title and then word descriptions for phrases you could use afterwards.

I had difficulties understanding the main focus for each post; I wrote about facets more than what should’ve been the main idea. One of the things that I found helpful was breaking up a week into days to research, prepare, and publish content.

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