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Reviewing my blogging journey

Recognition Blog

It was my first semester at Newcastle University, curious and scared of everything, and I wanted to do better and learn more effectively. This was my first introduction to blogging and initially, I didn’t even know what it was for. Through my teacher’s explanations, I gained a new understanding of the 8090 course and it was very interesting to embed new ideas and innovations in urban design. Having the opportunity to express myself in a blog about my profession has helped me to improve my writing skills. It helped me to learn more about urban design projects and to talk, debate and critique with fellow students to inspire and inform my future designs, which will help me to better understand urban design.

Growth process

Reading blogs has made me very interested in urban design. The journey to success took a long time. However, I had a lot of difficulty early on as I always misunderstood the requirements of the course and was unable to write the core of the paper accurately. Talking to my classmates after class enabled me to complete my assignments effectively. each session of the 8090 course was exciting and I was eager to learn about the specialist content of each session from a different teacher. I will summarise what I have learnt and reflect on each lesson. I was most interested in the lecturer Alan Vann’s talk on sustainable transport, which made it easier for me to understand the evolution of sustainable development and sustainable transport, and to learn about sustainable development expertise and innovative approaches in each country.During the writing process I needed a lot of time to figure out the social issues of each topic, design measures and to find reference items to express my new ideas about design to support the content of my article. The blog editing site was the only downside I found and I’m sorry I couldn’t add images to my posts, which left my posts lacking in image content. During the blogging sessions, Ms Dilan read each student’s blog and provided feedback, which enabled me to identify issues more effectively and I started to think about how to express my ideas and improve my writing skills.


Although the course is now over, I am more excited about how much I have benefited from the expertise of the course, which has helped me to gain a quick understanding of urban design expertise, helped me to learn new skills and provided a wealth of professional information from other blogs. I hope to develop good habits so that I can diversify my blog content and interact with students from different disciplines, perhaps with different or even contradictory views, but it makes it easier for me to think and be creative and develop my own ideas.

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