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Second Semester Course Reflection

This is my ninth month at Newcastle and the end of two semesters of study. It has been a very enjoyable experience these past two semesters. Also now I am about to enter the final stage of my final project. It makes me look forward to the future. The second semester of my course experience gave me more of a sense of upgrading in the first phase. The second semester has been full of challenges for me. And it has made me feel that I have a deeper understanding of urban design.

Course Experience

I was impressed by this semester’s course. It allowed me to learn how to build a friendly urban living community in different dimensions.

Firstly, the course Housing Alternatives – ARC8069 allowed me to systematically study the planning process and what to look for when thinking about a community housing project. The economic concept of shared communities and community planning and community development models need to be looked at when building shared communities. By sharing resources, promoting community participation and enhancing social connections, a sustainable, inclusive and supportive community environment is created. The goal of building shared community projects is to create a sustainable, inclusive and supportive community environment that provides a better quality of life and social experience. By sharing resources, promoting community participation and leveraging technical support, shared community building can bring about greater opportunities and well-being for community residents, while contributing to the development and progress of society.

Secondly, the course Urban design and the use of design codes – APL8014. The Design Code is a planning and building policy that aims to improve the quality of new residential areas and urban spaces, ensuring that they are in harmony with their surroundings and communities. The course has enabled me to make effective use of the guidelines to design community schemes that are in keeping with the character of the area. During the design process of the course, modelling was undertaken. The modelling has given me a new awareness of the scale of the project. I also gained a clearer understanding of the relationship between the building and its surroundings. I was very surprised by this.

Issues and Perspectives

More proficient in this semester compared to the previous one and more reasonable in terms of scheduling. I also have more of my own ideas about how to understand the course. However, there were some problems during the semester. For example, the design concept was not very accurate and complete. The ideas that were intended to be expressed were not fully reflected in the design. At the end of the semester, these problems were improved to a certain extent. I hope that in the final stage of the project I will be able to consider the proposal in a more complete and multifaceted way. I would like to be more professional in my final project by conducting detailed background research and using policies and regulations to enhance the need for implementation of my proposal, and by considering and researching different dimensions. I hope to have an excellent performance in my final project.


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