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Second Stage Reflexive summary

After nearly four months of busy work, my second semester of graduate school is over, and after that is the graduation project. This semester is challenging for me. This semester’s courses have been upgraded compared with the previous semester, and the difficulty has also significantly increased. But a challenging curriculum also means many rewards. I am very grateful for the teacher’s guidance this semester and thank you for not giving up halfway.

Impressed Moment

Two moments that have impressed me the most this semester. One is the study tour of course 8069. We went to Cambridge. Although we did not row a boat, we learned about the British community-building model. There, I learned how to build a shared community truly. In China, people live in apartments due to the population problem, and the relationship between neighbors could be better. During the study tour, I finally realized the participation of residents in community construction (the relationship between each resident is excellent). So, in my 8069 design, I always want to create a good atmosphere where residents can communicate with each other, and I will work hard for it in the future.

The second moment is the model-making of course 8014. I am humiliated that I have never made models in my undergraduate stage. This is a new process for me. I enjoy transforming the design into a physical body and watching my design grow under my hands, and I feel delighted.

Fig 1´╝ÜModel of Course 8014

Progress and Self problem

Compared with the last semester, I am more reasonable in the time arrangement, and the homework can usually be completed one to two days in advance. Now, I can also boldly ask questions to the teacher and exchange ideas with my classmates. In general, I have solved the problems of last semester. Some new problems arose during this semester. First of all, there is a common problem in the design. My theme and the design performance often do not match, and my thinking is not reflected in the design presentation. Secondly, some ideas could be more suitable for the venue. These two problems appeared in the mid-term review of the two courses and were finally improved.

The second problem is a problem with the selection of model materials. I AM STILL AT AN AMATEUR LEVEL because I have never used a professional machine to make a model. Although the final model has many details, it must be more professional. Finally, because of the language problem, I was nervous during the report, hoping to beat myself in the final graduation defense.

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