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Starting off with a quote that is encouraging: “Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. According to Pat Flynn, “Consistency and perseverance are key.” I wanted to convey that my experience in blogging has helped me develop the habit of constancy and perseverance in my literature writing. My journey as an MAUD student continued from semester one to a much more comprehending semester two, where I gained a deeper understanding of urban design through modules like Housing Alternatives and Urban Design and the use of design codes. The Housing Alternatives module taught me a variety of design ideas for housing neighbourhoods, a vision for safer streets, and Green energy methods to reduce carbon emissions, all of which prompted me to conduct an in-depth study and reflect in blog entries. We performed interesting and engaging tasks like a physical model making for the module Urban Design and the use of design codes that excited me and allowed me to broaden my vision. I believe that the semester 2 course has given me important insights into the concepts and practices of urban design that I may apply in the next professional phase of my career.

Primarily, blogging tremendously aided in broadening my knowledge of urban design by sharing my useful views and research findings, as well as it aided in my design process, in which I employed essential concepts written by my friends on a range of topics. Through the blog entries, I discovered important precedent analysis and crucial components that I could leverage in my design throughout my evaluations and submissions. Bloggers contribute to a collaborative knowledge base by giving in-depth analyses, case studies, and design concepts, encouraging continual learning and progress within the urban design community.

Secondly, regular blog posts improved my writing and reading skills which consequently improved my confidence level. At first, I was intimidated to post my works in public, but I, developed by writing and reading through the course of the semester. I adore the way that bloggers express their ideas, organise their material, and draw people in with gripping storylines. This motivation motivated me to develop my linguistic abilities. I’m pleased to note that after publishing my study on my dissertation topic, “Decreasing social inequalities in urban design through sustainable urbanism,” as a blog, I received encouraging comments that made me glad that my work had been read by others. I also want to emphasize how much it should be commended that Ms. Aileen took the time to read each student’s blog and provide them with tailored input. Blogging gave me a satisfaction of contributing to the field’s knowledge to the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals.

Overall, blogging gave me a lot of advantages, from networking and career advancement to personal growth and fulfillment. It is a versatile and efficient medium that enables people to communicate their interests, knowledge, and experiences with the world.

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