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To Watch A Further Future In Design

He Yihan

Editor’s Introduction

Before starting my module in urban design in Newcastle university, I just became an undergraduate student as a freshman in South-Central Minzu University. It was my first time to touch design. In the beginning of my design lessons, I only studied Interior Design, but there were landscape, architecture, space design, even the urban planning gradually. I can get few cursory knowledges in every field to understand the subject: environmental design.


When I graduated from South-Central Minzu University, I’ve worked probably 8 months to taste the bitter smell in working life, but it failed. I think the part of design is not far enough in our country. Thus I come here to find my answer inside my heart. In my perspective, design is not much, however, I can see that design has a great improvement to our real life, such as indoor decoration enhance the living quality in every family if they spend suitable expenses; Landscape increase the comfort level when people live in the community; architectural design provide the shelter for people; urban planning let people have a desire for the future life.Here are some productions in my undergraduate lessons.

Yihan He, Coursework, Residental Landscape Design, 23th Of April,2019

Copyright- Photo by Yihan He, Unpublished work, Personality

Thinking Design

There is a question: has design always existed? Of course. There has been the initial design in the age of apes. They have a long-time habit of studying and creating which means the progress of civilization put the design on the stage of history step by step. For instance, primitive people invented some intelligent technologies: drilling wood to ignite fire, fur clothing. Even they are capable of building simple and crude house. There could be the development of civilization through thousand years’ transforming.


Why learning design? Because it was improved by people’s ideology and social technology, people cannot always satisfy the currency which means design is always needed. So other products will keep innovation, such as mobile phone, computer and other electric devices. In my opinion, architecture and landscape is also a work which can keep upgrading.


From these days’ visiting local streets and blocks in Newcastle, I believe Newcastle’s geography is very unique and the architecture in down town which is called Elden Square is very completed. It means the part of architecture product tend to saturation and also the space on the ground floor. We should consider about the public space in the first floor and build the concept of connection. What we connect contains many elements, such as people, walking streets, industry and business patterns and etc. That belongs to urban design. And we should find the challenges.


What’s more, we still repair the old buildings and destroyed structure through the system of architecture is integrated. I did the similar work which was called urban renovation. I think the real city upgrading is not only repairing the surface of building, adding the public utilities in city spaces, but also changing the disadvantage of public space, leading the living people to own a better life experience which improves the spiritual needs.

Yihan He, Photography, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2HG, 26th of September,2022

Copyright- Photo by jason_han777:

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