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What factors are composing the community


A community is not just a place where provides people living,it’s also a social unit with a shared socially significant characteristic,such as culture,values,religion,customs and so on which comes from all aspects from daily living. A community attracts diiferent kinds of people from different places which companies different background information.Also a community may share a sense of place situated in a given geographical area or in virtual space through communication platforms.The community is a public space,which also has.In these public spaces, residents could communicate,do exercise,play and so on here.Public spaces also includes greenland like parks,gardens and any other landscape.Otherwise commercial areas are one of the part of composing communities because they supply people’s need and provide convcenience in the local.

Jinghai Huang,Factors combine community,17 May 2024

Community landscape

Aylesbury Estates Regeneration

Aylesbury Estates is located in south London.The project is aim to create safe streets which has removed the physical and psychological barriers that signal the edge of the estate by creating a network of tree-lined streets and surrounding area to provide a new street pattern that will slow vehicle traffic and appeal to pedestrians and cyclists.These streets are planted with regular street trees.There are three squares in this community and 13 parks formed the neighbourhood which created a green environment here.That also makes the community become an urban forest character.

Westmoreland-Square-CGIView-Towards-b1-b6Figure1 and 2:South London’s vast Aylesbury Estate.Available at: November 2015)

Jinghai Huang,Public space between buildings,17 May 2024

Commercial area

Green light for new waterside Leith neighbourhood

The Leith waterfront is set in Edinburgh.The proposed scheme will bring about a mixed-use development, replacing a part of the existing Ocean Terminal shopping centre.The shopping center is located in the middle of area. The apartments just around the shopping mall.The ground floor of the apartments are stores which can be different kinds of shops.They may provide convenience and what people’s need in daily life.It also creates new retail and amenities, health and leisure facilities.Meanwhile these commercial area has possibility to become the local landmarks.

Figure 3 and 4:Green light for new waterside Leith neighbourhood.Available at: January 2024)

Jinghai Huang,Downstairs commercial,17 May 2024


Community makes residents satisfied

Anfield Regeneration, Liverpool

The regeneration of Anfield in North Liverpool has focused not just on housing, but on the place as a whole, including the commercial offer and infrastructure. A strong joint partnership and long-term community engagement has transformed Anfield into a place where people want to live.Anfield community around the Anfield Stadium,the home of Liverpool FC so that this area also serves the football supporters and shops and services in the area have been focused on the needs of football supporters rather than residents.While Liverpool Football Club and Liverpool City Council created a partnership which enabled them to consider the needs of the community within the wider context of the Anfield area and makes local people satisfy their community.

Figure 5: Anfield Regeneration, Liverpool.Available at: 2016)

Jinghai Huang,Community around Anfield Stadium,17 May 2024

My project in Gateshead

In Gateheads,our project sites,there are several existing little industries sites that some of them have been abandoned while most of them still running.If we need to redesign the whole area to the new community,industries sites couldn’t be saved any longer.Due to some sites of these industries may compan0y something harmful inside soil,these areas fits for redesigning to be public spaces.

Jinghai Huang,Section of Gateshead,24 April 2024

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