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I believe I can help bring the globe closer together and make it more sustainable. This can slow down global warming and restore a greener environment. Urban design is one way to do this. Completing my bachelor’s degree in architecture showed me how to become a responsible citizen. Everything we do and create has an immediate effect on people and the environment as a whole.


During my bachelor’s program, I enjoyed creating models the most. I also enjoyed using materials that I could apply to other projects. I enjoyed working on the most during my bachelor’s degree. After that, I worked on my thesis, the Psychonautic Center. Throughout the two projects, I picked up a few new urban design skills. I began to feel more connected to environment and about urbanization while working on such initiatives.

My bachelor’s degree in architecture has given me a solid understanding of design theory and the built world. Having said that, I find urban design to be especially interesting since I believe it greatly influences how people interact with their surroundings. Through my job as an architect, I have personally witnessed the impact that urban design can have on the social, economic, and environmental aspects of a city.


In the first place to pursue my master’s degree in urban design was the city’s lengthy history in the field. After finishing my exciting and interesting first few weeks of classes, I am looking forward to the remaining months of my year at Newcastle University, where I will be finishing my degree in urban design. The opportunity to become a part of a multicultural community of educators and learners who are passionate about creating urban environments that promote equity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Making communities that are prosperous socially and economically, pleasant to live in, and appealing to tourists all depends on smart urban planning. In order to establish a sense of community, urban design is crucial.

In the broadest sense, smart planning can improve public services delivery. It achieves value for money in new developments. It optimizes the use of limited resources.

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